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June 13, 2021  

41 - Small Beginnings

Lea & Mark host communion, Eden reads v 1.0 of our statement of intent and reads a Lectionary prayer reimagined from Psalm 20, and Sarah preaches on Small Beginnings.

June 7, 2021  

40 - The One Where a Moral Expert Becomes a Wide-Open Renegade

Sarah leads us through the vitally important practice of lament, Karina invites us to re-member ourselves through our communion practice and Romay Nichols tells her story in Pride Month of moving from a position of being a 'moral expert' to an affirming and open-armed renegade.  

June 3, 2021  

39 - REimag/in/ing - Special Edition - Reading Scripture

Our first of three Wednesday night specials with Dr. Bradley Jersak. This week we talk about reimagining and reinvigorating our relationship with Scripture.  

May 31, 2021  

38- Reader Beware

A moment to pause and pray for strength and peace for those who mourn the mass grave of children found at the Residential school in Kamloops led by Eden. A place to encounter Jesus at the table in communion with John & Susie. And a way to reimagine reading the Bible with Karina. All in all, it was a good morning. Have a listen.

May 23, 2021  

37 -Holy Spirit Unlimited

It's Pentecost Sunday! This week Sarah, Morgan and Eden lead us through our service and remind us of the good news that The Holy Spirit is for everyone!  

May 16, 2021  

36 - Reconstruction: Giving “the Faith” a Second Look

We're glad you've joined us! For this week's service, Eden & Morgan lead us through Lectio Divina and Communion and Brad Jersak invites us to think about the ways we are deconstructing and reconstructing our faith. 

For more info about services and other ways and places to connect to one another check out

May 10, 2021  

35 - Even Them???

For this week, Karina guides the Lectio Divina practice for Psalm 98, Harry leads us through the Eucharist, and Sarah invites us to draw the circle wider in her sermon. It's a good one!

May 3, 2021  

34 - Love Opens Doors

This week Mark leads our Lectio Divina practice, Sarah gives our church a birthday shoutout, Steve guides us through communion and Eden preaches a message that is thoroughly good news - start to finish - from 1 John 4:7-21

April 26, 2021  

33- Lynn’s Good Shepherd

A bunch of lovely fresh voices for this week! Diane and Sylvia lead us through Lectio Divina and communion, and Lynn shares part of her faith story and the many ways God has been a good shepherd to her.  What a great service! For more info or to get access to the zoom service live, contact the church office at :

April 19, 2021  

32 - Normal is Overrated

For our zoom gathering this week, Sarah leads our Lectio Divina practice, Communion is led by Eden and Karina preaches from 1 John 3:2.  

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