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September 20, 2021  

51 -Beauty, Fully Alive: Love

Eden kicks off our first indoor, in-person service with a sermon on Love to start our fall sermon series Beauty, Fully Alive.  We do apologize for the poor sound quality on this one - we are working the little sound gremlins out and hope for a better next time we meet and record!

August 30, 2021  

50- Compassion through LifeHaven

Would you look at that! 50 episodes! We had a great conversation with Teresa Trask this morning about LifeHaven. Have a listen!

August 16, 2021  

49 - Compassion in Malawi

It was lovely to speak to Christa Roby this morning (evening her time), oh the wonders of zoom! Have a listen to our conversation and the rest of our time together.

August 8, 2021  

48 - Centered on Compassion

We had a fun chat with Eric and Krista Wilson this morning. Plus news of a new venue to potentially meet together for Sundays during the fall and a few other fun things. Have a listen!

July 26, 2021  

47-Elijah and Self-Compassion

Sarah leads us in a lovingkindness practice and communion, Karina shares a meditation on I Kings18:4-8 and then Jenn Cusick shares wisdom and insight on self-compassion gained from her role training and facilitating organizations on workplace well-being.

July 11, 2021  

46 - Discomfort and the Pathways to Compassion

This week Eden shares a lovingkindness meditation and communion, Karina preaches her way through the story of the Good Samaritan by noticing how discomfort plays a part in compassion and then Meghan Kellington and Huw Franklin are our first guests in our summer compassion series.  They work meeting frontline compassion needs through our local foodbank.  You don't want to miss it!

July 2, 2021  

45 -Special Episode - Reimag/in/ing Community with Bradley Jersak

This is the last of three special sessions we had with Dr. Bradley Jersak. For the first half, Brad shares his thoughts on Reimagining Community and then a great q and r session followed - hope you enjoy!

June 27, 2021  

44- Different By Design

On this particular weekend, our local community was/is melting in a heatwave, but we had a really cool service all the same! Eden led us through lectio, Sarah brought us through our communion practice and Steve preached a great sermon on Reimag/in/ing Unity- it's not uniformity and independence that makes us great but rather leaning into our differences and interdependence that make our community beautiful and strong.

Suggested listening for this sermon is the song "City on the Hill" on the Come to the Well recording by Casting Crowns.

June 20, 2021  

43 - You Asked For It

What a great service! Sarah started us off with Lectio and Communion and then our special guest Nichole Forbes and Karina hosted a Q and R where we discussed the many topics and questions you had submitted to Nichole regarding Indigenous and Metis people. We covered everything from treaty issues, social and cultural issues as well as spirituality and allyship -it was a full, rich morning.


June 18, 2021  

42 - Special Episode - Reimag/in/ing Prayer with Bradley Jersak

This is the audio of session 2 of our 3 part Reimag/in/ing series on Reconstruction. What does it look like to rebuild practices of prayer after deconstruction? Brad shares his thoughts followed by a Q and R.  

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